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Hello and bonjour! Come and join us in Sahuarita tonight at the clubhouse for a great concert, and great food! We'll see you there from 5:00 thru 9:00 p.m. with others from the Tucson Food Truck Roundup! You know you want poutine!

Hello and bonjour! Get ready for the DeGrazia Elementary Spring Fair happening today at DeGrazia Elementary School, 5051 W. Overton Rd. The weather is perfect for poutine and fun! See your family there starting at 5:00 p.m. today!

Hello and bonjour! Humpday at Dragoon Brewing Co.See you around 4:00 till whenever!!! Come for the poutine, stay for the beer!

Hello and bonjour! We will be at a special event today at Club XS, this afternoon serving up poutine from around 4:00 thru 9:00 p.m. tonight. They are located at 5851 E. Speedway Blvd. Come learn about the many uses of medical marijuana and meet specialists there who can answer any questions on this subject for you, or a personal loved one. It promises to be interesting and informative.

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“Last chance to get in your #EBAfoodtruckshoutout!! Tweet us @EdibleBajaAZ , and let us know your favorite truck!”

Last chance to get in your #EBAfoodtruckshoutout!! Hop over to Twitter @EdibleBajaAZ and tell them your favorite mobile eatery establishment is @ZanyBeaver! The top five trucks will be profiled on the blog.

Hello and Bonjour! We've had a wonderful week! Thanks to everybody! We will not be out today, but check us out tomorrow, where we'll be at Club SX on Speedway. Have a pleasant Sunday.

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Here at EBA, we do our best to explore the food landscape of Baja Arizona. But we can't begin to feature all of the incredible food out there—and that's where you come in. This week, it's Food Truck Shout Out time! Hop over to Twitter @EdibleBajaAZ or comment below, and tell us about your favorite mobile eatery establishment. The top five trucks will be profiled on the blog.

Give us a shout out! Let them know your favorite food truck is Zany Beaver!

Hello and bonjour! The poutine party continues! First and foremost what an AWESOME evening last night and a huge thank you to New Belgium Brewing! We had a blast! Now on to more important and exciting news! It's third Saturday of the month and that's OUR Saturday at Dragoon Brewing Co., who oh, by the way, are celebrating their THIRD anniversary today! We will be ready around 5:00 to keep the party going, or start it up, depending on what's happening when we get there! There will be tours, raffles and special releases tonight, with all proceeds benefiting Tu Nidito! We are so excited to be wishing Dragoon Brewing Company good wishes on their success and love being part of the team! We will see you there! Come for the poutine, stay for the beer and party! See you soon!


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